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The Asian Consulting Group Guides OFWs in Europe on How to Start a Business or Invest in the Philippines

The Asian Consulting Group sets its eyes on Europe as it continues its International Roadshow this July 2023. Through the International Roadshow, ACG will be conducting Investment and Tax Briefings in Athens, Greece on July 23 and in Paris on July 30. He will also visit Copenhagen and Vienna for a courtesy meeting with its ambassadors.

The International Roadshow is part of ACG’s advocacy of guiding overseas Filipinos and interested foreigners on how to start their own business or how to invest in the Philippines.

The series of seminars organized by the Asian Consulting Group together with Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines and in partnership with the Philippine Embassies and Consulate General. This will also feature Filipino entrepreneurs and how they succeeded in their businesses.

The Investment and Tax Briefings will be led by ACG Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor Mon Abrea, who will be discussing a variety of topics from how to open a business, to managing taxes, to the various investment options available to aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. 

To cap off the International Roadshow, ACG will also be launching its latest work, Reimagining the World Without Corruption, at Harvard in August. You may also grab a copy of the book here or order in bulk: 

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