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Pay your taxes right and avoid the BIR

BIR has been compelled to take action against corrupt government officials and personnel who are taking advantage of the large corporations but also the small businesses. In the recent interview of the Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor of ACG, Mr. Mon Abrea, he mentioned that, if you are paying the right taxes, you do not have to deal with the BIR who are harassing your business especially when you settle without compromises.

Watch the full interview here:

Avoid negotiations with the BIR and settle without compromises. Pay your taxes right. CEOs and business owners must take full responsibility for making sure that they pay the right taxes and comply with the regulations to avoid unnecessary interests, penalties and compromises.

Asian Consulting Group is having another batch of the Executive Tax Management Program happening today at the Tax Hub, which will help the CEOs and business owners know the best strategies when dealing with the BIR and handle their tax audits and cases without stress so they can focus more in growing their business.

The next batch is set to happen on June 22, 2022, with limited slots only! Scan the QR code below or use the link to register:

For inquiries, you may email us at or contact us at 0917 627 8805.

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