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How ACG Helps Makes TAX Easier For You

TAX Solutions



ACG Chief Tax Advisor Mon Abrea Contributes Expertise at Senate Hearing on CREATE Law

ACG Chief Tax Advisor, Mon Abrea, attended as a resource person at the Senate Committee on Ways and Means’ public…

ACG partners with RCBC to empower professionals with effective tax planning

ACG Chief Tax Advisor, Mon Abrea, recently delivered his first in-person talk since returning to the Philippines during the RCBC…
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ACG Triumphs as ‘Fastest Growing SME Company of the Year’ at the 2023 Asia Leaders Awards

The Asian Consulting Group (ACG) was recognized as the esteemed “Fastest Growing SME Company of the Year” award at the…

What our clients and partners say about us

Asian Consulting Group has played an important role in promoting responsible tax citizenship and in the process, helped the government improve its revenue collection efficiencies.

Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala
Jaime Augusto Zobel De Ayala Chairman & CEO, Ayala Corporation

I'm one with your goals in eliminating burdensome tax regulations and making it simple and fair for all our taxpayers. As we aim for an increase in voluntary compliance, we must also push for measures that will allow our taxpayers to benefit more from the fruits of their labor. Let us work hand in hand in pursuing genuine tax reforms to help build our middle class and for our Filipino families to grow and nurture, and save up for their children's future.

Senator Sonny Angara Chairman, Senate Committee on Finance

I further commend ACG for your passion in assisting our fellow Filipinos through training and development, strategic tax management and consultancy. With your help, our entrepreneurs will be educated and inspired to go beyond traditional ways of thinking for their organizations, and communities as well.

Senator Bam Aquino Senate of the Philippines

It is indeed a breakthrough in the local business community when ACG was incorporated, as the premier social enterprise in tax consulting in the country directly helping the efforts of the Bureau of Internal Revenue to increase tax collections by "conscientizing" business people and professionals to pay taxes correctly. As they used to say at the IESE Business School, "Doing Good While Doing Well

Dr. Bernardo Villegas
Dr. Bernardo Villegas Writer and Economist

If you don’t ask, no one will tell! Therefore, ask anything about taxes, Mon Abrea will tell you more! He unlocks the tax enigma in a language that is straightforward, clear and digestible. He simplifies the complex. He allays the tax fear! He empowers! Mon Abrea is not just a Tax Whiz! He is a patriot. He does what he does because he loves his country. And in return, he says, "I’m loved!"

Boy Abunda TV Host, Publicist, Talent manager, and Celebrity Endorser

I was never nervous or anything. I have all faith and 100,000% faith and belief to Mon, “You can do that!” You know if you are an honest company you always have a good name in the industry. Without you knowing it, people just get to tell you about it. Through a long process I have learned so much, I don’t know about my people but I’ve learned so much.

Wally Baynes
Wally Baynes Weaves of Asia

It wasn't just a light bulb moment when we realized that ACG is a good partner for the growth of the company. It was more of a gradual appreciation of what they could bring, of what they could shed light on. When it comes to accounting and taxes like I said, when you have a business it is different. It is different when it comes to running that business and what you learned as an accountant. There are a lot more. When you are at school learning the theories there are a lot to absurd, taxes itself and there are so many tax rates. You don’t know which ones would apply to the business, so that is one thing that really helped me clarify or at least enlightened my mind of what to look at. It was a progressive relationship or partnership with the company that led us to still engage with them.

Kaye Alquiza Agriecor

I am really lucky that i have ACG sa journey ko ng pagiging artist. Yung experience ko grabe sila ka helpful.

Kean Cipriano
Kean Cipriano Celebrity

When I talk to them they are always so patient trying to shed light even though repeated questions lagi nila akong sinasagot with patience and alot of encouragement and when I felt that as a client in ACG that was when I knew it was a right fit. Kasi it felt like family for me. It also felt like I could grow with them, I could trust them with anything that I needed to process in the future, I really felt Kean and myself could grow with ACG.

Chynna Ortaleza Celebrity

Happy 10th anniversary to the officers and members of the Asian Consulting Group. Over the last ten years you have exemplified the spirit of Bayanihan while working with various partners toward the goal of genuine Tax Reform and this is such an important move towards the better normal for every Filipino. I have always believed that the first step towards genuine empowerment is economic empowerment. It opens the path to meeting basic needs, greater mobility, and the expansion of one's dream for the future. This is a task that requires the strength of an entire nation. And I am glad that you stand at the forefront of this endeavor. As you celebrate the decade of friendship and success, the task before all of us is to serve with an even greater result. I am sure there are many more spaces out there, initiatives where we can strengthen collaboration, consolidate our resources and galvanize our efforts so that we accomplish more together than if we had acted alone.

Atty. Ma Leonor "Leni" Gerona Robredo
Atty. Maria Leonor "Leni" Gerona Robredo Chairman of Angat Pinas, Inc. and former Vice President

It has been a decade since the ACG began it’s journey in Tax consultancy. Your efforts have now born fruit giving our SME letter of appreciation of what taxes can do to spear growth and economic progress, raise standard of living and generate employment. We all know sa tulong po ng ACG group ay natutulungan ang kanya pong mga cliente in terms of the right way, the proper way of computing and paying taxes. Para above from lahat and yet you are able to maximize your finances. Being at the forefront of advocating for genuine tax reform, ACG has also provided strategic and technology driven tax solutions to top corporations and known personalities by encouraging tax compliance and good practices among our citizens, enabling them to take an active role in nation building and support our common goal for progressive governance.

Mon Lopez
Ramon "Mon" Lopez Former DTI Secretary


Years of Speaking Truth to Power

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