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Making your tax life easier and simpler

Back in 2009, Mon Abrea joined the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to study the tax system, and the bureaucracy, and to fight corruption. In 2010, he faced a daunting question, “How can we improve our tax system?”

On this point, what needed to be addressed was the complicated tax system. His answer came in the form of an idea: automation. It is from this seed sprung the concept behind the TaxWhizPH Mobile App through the help of his friends and with the support of the BIR under the leadership of then Commissioner Dulay.

The TaxWhizPH Mobile app was created to make tax compliance easier and simpler for all taxpayers. It contains different features that will help taxpayers get answers for their tax concerns and it helps them make their tax payments on time.

The app can help you compute your taxes through the TAX CALCULATOR. Its built-in ALERTS and REMINDERS system will also help you keep track of the deadlines for your tax requirements. The TaxWhizPH Mobile App also incorporates RECEIPTS SCANNING for the recording of your invoices and REPORTS GENERATION for you to keep track of your records.

The TaxWhizPH Mobile App is accredited by the BIR and you can file and pay your income tax returns through the E-FILING and E-PAYMENT features of the app.

It also includes a chat feature AskTheTaxWhiz in case you have tax questions, and for more in-depth consultations, you can also BOOK AN ACCOUNTANT.

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