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It’s not too late to register for Session 2 and 3! 

Are you currently being audited by the BIR and you’re not exactly sure how to go about it?

In the latest published Rappler Article, ACG Chairman and CEO, Mon Abrea, briefly discusses what criteria the BIR considers during an issue-based audit program.

Generally, all taxpayers are possible candidates when it comes to being audited by the BIR. Adding onto this, there are also different categories of cases that the Bureau also considers when sending out electronic Letters of Authority (eLAs).

What can possibly happen if you end up having to go under the auditing process of the BIR? Find out by reading this week’s Rappler article:

Not ready to deal with the BIR’s audit process? Join ACG’s Executive Tax Management Program! 

Today’s session, entitled “Dealing with the BIR during Audit: What to Do and How to Avoid”, will focus on exploring different processes that the BIR does when conducting their audit processes and how you as a Business Executive can avoid any penalties that most business owners do. 

Need more information about the Program? Hear more about it from ACG’s Assistant Tax Manager, Romarie Lucero: 

Have any questions about the program? Send us a message via (+63) 917 627 8805 or an email via

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