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[Ask the Tax Whiz] Can senior citizens and PWDs avail VAT-exemption on their online transactions?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] Are scanned receipts and invoices considered as original documents?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] Is the estate tax amnesty extended?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What do you need to know about the reversion of tax rates, effective July 1, 2023?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What is Notice Issue Receipts/Invoices (NIRI)? 

[Ask the TaxWhiz] Claiming VAT refund: What key changes should you know?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] Taxing Unhealthiness: Is it a Healthy Approach? 

[Ask The Tax Whiz] How can I secure a TIN card?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] Are there updates for VAT zero-rated transactions?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What are fake receipts and transactions?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] How to deal with dishonest accountants and BIR officers?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What you need to know about ITR filing

[Ask The Tax Whiz] How much income tax do I have to pay?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What is the Annual Tax Compliance in the Philippines?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] How do international students file tax returns in the United States?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] If I am in the United States, where do I file and pay my taxes?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] How can I file for the quarterly VAT starting January 1, 2023?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] How to compute income tax under the new income tax table for 2023?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] Can the BIR now issue new LOAs and MOs?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What are the different types of BIR letters and what are their purpose? (Part 3)

[Ask the Tax Whiz] What are the different types of BIR letters and what are their purpose? (Part 2)

[Ask the Tax Whiz] What are the different types of BIR letters and what are their purpose? (Part 1)

[Ask the Tax Whiz] What are the guidelines for online registration with the Central Business Portal? (Part 2)

[Ask the Tax Whiz] How will the Central Business Portal be implemented in the Philippines (Part 1)

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What are Related Party Transactions? (Part 2)

[Ask The Tax Whiz] What are Related Party Transactions? (Part 1)

[Ask The Tax Whiz] How will e-Invoicing be implemented in the Philippines?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] What is benchmarking?

[Ask The Tax Whiz] When can the BIR close businesses?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] How Do We Hold Our Government Officials Accountable?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] Who would support genuine tax reforms if elected?

[Ask the Tax Whiz] Can I still amend my ITR after the April 18 deadline?

ground group growth hands

[OPINION] We Need People Power, Not Emergency Power



ACG Successfully Concludes Day 1 of 12th Anniversary Tax Webinar

ACG Celebrates 12 Years with Exclusive Game-Changing Tax Webinars

Asian Consulting Group Unveils Game-Changing Tax Strategies on Its 12th Anniversary

[Ask The Tax Whiz] Is there a surcharge in amending tax returns?

Asian Consulting Group Strengthens its Partnership with the Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

ACG Successfully Concludes Financial Literacy Briefings in Cayman Islands

ACG Continues Its Goal of Long-Term Collaboration in Athens, Greece

Mon Abrea Discusses New Tax Measures and Government Priorities Under the Current Administration

ACG establishes strong partnerships with consulates throughout Europe

ACG successfully held the final leg of its International Roadshow in Europe

ACG successfully completed its financial literacy talk for overseas Filipinos and foreigners in Athens, Greece.

ACG empowers overseas Filipinos and foreigners with valuable financial literacy and investment insights in New York

The Asian Consulting Group Guides OFWs in Europe on How to Start a Business or Invest in the Philippines

ACG’s Investment and Tax Briefing Goes On To Japan and Washington, D.C.

Beyond Borders: Successful Conclusion of the 2023 International Tax Conference by The Asian Consulting Group

With Pre-Populated Tax Returns, You No Longer Have To Fill-In Your Tax Returns 

The Asian Consulting Group goes Beyond Borders

Former DTI Secretary Mon Lopez joins ACG

How can we make paying taxes easier?

ACG concludes Investment and Tax Briefing in Hawaii, continues on to Italy, the US, and the Middle East

ACG teaches overseas Filipinos and foreigners in Hawaii how to start a business and invest

ACG brings its Investment and Tax Briefing to Hawaii, Singapore, Washington, D.C., and the Middle East

Learning Business and Investment Options at the Investment and Tax Briefing in Berlin

Learn the available options and the pitfalls to avoid at the Investment and Tax Briefing in Sydney, Australia

ACG takes the International Roadshow

Recognizing the Achievements of Women Entrepreneurs at the International Roadshow in Berlin

ACG Leads Economic and Tax Briefing to Kick-Off International Roadshow

A Taste of Home in France: The International Roadshow Stops By Filipino Restaurants in France

ACG Launches International Roadshow with an Economic and Tax Briefing

The International Roadshow Heads to the City of Light

The International Roadshow Continues to Madrid, Spain

The International Roadshow Is Back!

2023 Tax Updates

ACG Founding Chairman discusses how your taxes are lower in 2023

ACG Founding Chairman discusses fiscal policy proposal

ACG Founding Chairman publishes policy proposal to combat inflation

Are We in Recession?

What are the different types of BIR letters? Learn more about Mission Orders, Benchmarking Notices, and Letter of Authority!

ACG Founding Chairman Bares Tax Policy Proposal

Government should be more judicious of budget rather than imposing new burdens


ACG Founding Chairman Mon Abrea discusses Harvard journey, tax advocacy

Focus on Growing Your Business, Let ACG Handle Your Tax Issues

CSR PH continues its partnership with the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)


Our Expertise

“Proposed climate-related taxes should not burden taxpayers,” says tax expert

Tax expert proposes changes to tax laws, teaches CEOs how to adapt to present tax administration.

Pay your taxes right and avoid the BIR

What Should CEOs learn from the BIR-Megaworld fiasco?

For Almost A Quarter of A Century, P23 Billion Tax Due Remains Unpaid

Asian Consulting Group appointed new board members

Governance and tax collections

Why are you afraid of the BIR Audit?

Criminal Violations of the Tax Code

Tax Whiz urges overseas Filipinos to invest in the Philippines


Pamaskong Handog para sa Pamilyang Pilipino is happening this December 15, 2021!

In aid of legislation, recommendations are made to urge the government to do better.

It’s not too late to register for Session 2 and 3! 


wood office writing mathematics

How Does the Auditing Process go?

Batch 1 of Executive Tax Management Program is over, but Batch 2 and 3 are still open for Business Executives!

ACG Discussed Avoiding Audit Harassment Woes in the 2nd Session Last October 20th!

Join the Executive Tax Management Program Batch 1!

Getting Audited by the BIR?

Government Partners alongside ACG’s Advocacy for Genuine Tax Reform

BIR looks after 250 top social media influencers

ACG Celebrated its 10th anniversary with passion!

ACG celebrates 10 years today!

Gladly, ACG!: Feeling Confident about Paying Taxes

Gladly, ACG: What is ACG?

ACG Chairman and CEO Mon Abrea gives insights on Senate Blue Ribbon Hearing about Pharmally anomaly

Taxes without Cases: Undoing what’s wrong

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