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In aid of legislation, recommendations are made to urge the government to do better.

Chairman and CEO of Asian Consulting Group, Mon Abrea, has made it clear that to fully be able to make taxes easier for everyone, the government must be proactive in reviewing and revising the passed legislation to further cater it to the needs of taxpayers and to cease corrupt activities in the government. 

In the newly-published article in BusinessWorld entitled “In Aid of Legislation”, Mon Abrea has discussed the current acts of legislation and his recommendations to various government departments. He specifically creates a discussion towards the existing Bank Secrecy Law (RA 1405) and Data Privacy Act (RA 10173) legislations, with the notion that if such legislations are revisited, it would be easier to identify corrupt actions from involved parties. 

“An investigation in aid of legislation is indeed necessary to avoid any possible tax evasion, smuggling, graft and corruption or money laundering, especially in government procurement or spending of taxpayer’s money during a pandemic.”

In fact, Abrea stated more discussion points as to why these two legislative laws, alongside other existing laws, should be revisited and revised: 

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Despite the current political climate and active call for better governance for those in position, there is always an opportunity to feel the spirit of community especially this Christmas season. As a yearly tradition through the Pamaskong Handog para sa Pamilyang Pilipino program, the Center for Strategic Reforms, in partnership with the Asian Consulting Group, YesPinoy Foundation headed by Mr. Dingdong Dantes, will be donating gift packages to beneficiaries of the YesPinoy Foundation.

If you wish to join us in the spirit of giving this Christmas season, please reach us through (+63) 917 627 8805 or send us an email via to coordinate any gifts you would like to donate.

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