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 Good Governance and Tax Collections

Amidst the controversial dismissal of the DQ case against presidential candidate Marcos, Jr. (BBM), we remind our taxpaying public of our basic civic duty to pay our taxes correctly and on time.

Watch the interview of ACG Chairman and CEO on ANC:

Before the May 9 national election when we will elect a new President, Vice President, legislators, and other local officials, we call on our patriotic and responsible taxpayers both individuals and corporations to help our government raise the much-needed revenues to fund our P5-Trillion national budget including programs to fight against COVID-19, and pay our est. P12-Trillion national debt. 

The deadline for filing our annual income tax return is on April 15, 2022. 

We also call on all political candidates to pay their taxes, especially the 5% withholding tax on all their campaign expenditures especially income payments to social media platforms, influencers, and celebrities endorsing them. Consequently, all media platforms, content creators, and celebrities including all suppliers and campaign propaganda providers must declare and pay their taxes i.e., VAT and income tax correctly and on time. 

With the pronouncement from DOF for BIR to strictly monitor tax compliance of FINTECH companies, influencers including YouTubers, and other content creators, we encourage them to avail of our FREE Annual Tax Health Check (ATHC) so they can be properly be guided on how they can avoid tax problems. 

As part of our tax awareness campaign, we continue to collaborate with our government partners and business organizations to educate and engage our taxpaying public. Here are our online events this week:

Tax Hub Talks on BIR Audit Programs live via Asian Consulting Group Facebook Page and TaxWhizPH Youtube Channel
How to Avoid a BIR Audit with The Philippine Tax Whiz Mon Abrea in partnership with Endeavor Philippines and EO Philippines.

TAXTalks: Discussion on Digital Economy Taxation and BIR Digitalization Project in partnership with DTI E=Commerce and Bureau of Internal Revenue. February 16, 2:30PM

For more details and tax assistance, feel free to email us at and call 0917 801 0191 so we can help you manage your taxes and save from unnecessary penalties and compromises. 

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