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Getting Audited by the BIR?

Asian Consulting Group is holding its first Executive Tax Management Program, an e-learning course for business executives to learn about how the BIR Audit goes, how they can prepare for any Auditing, and how to avoid it for the long-term. 

In this exclusive program made for business executives, ACG has three e-learning sessions that business owners (especially those with BIR cases) will find beneficial. The said program is for them to have a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge on their problems en route to a rightful way of tax compliance by learning why is the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) conducting audit services and how can this evaluation help them deal with the charges by being compliant the right way.

In line with ACG’s promise of helping people pay their taxes without compromises, the premier tax hub will help companies cite their unhealthy financial and fiscal-related business practices that may become the root of their problems, and will help them revolve through availing ACG’s services. 

Business executives who want to take part may avail the following packages and promos:

Batch 1’s registration is extended until October 17, 2021, so make sure you reserve your slot! Scan the QR code or click this link to get started!

Stay tuned to Asia Consulting Group’s Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more information.

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