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Focus on Growing Your Business, Let ACG Handle Your Tax Issues

For the past eleven years, the Asian Consulting Group has been providing quality service for more than 100 small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large corporations. ACG’s expertise in settling tax audits, as well as in tax planning and advisory, has allowed its clients to save up to P27.2 billion on taxes. 

The ACG Client Journey comes in three steps: Assess, Close, and Grow. Our tax experts first ASSESS your company’s profile, and provides an analysis of your tax exposures. Then, ACG’s team of tax consultants handle any of the company’s open audit and investigation cases, and promptly CLOSES them. Finally, with those issues settled, ACG handles future tax compliance reviews so that our clients can focus on letting their business GROW.

ACG specializes in Tax Audit and Settlement, Tax Planning, and Tax Advisory.

Through Tax Audit and Settlement, ACG’s tax experts, led by ACG Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor, Mon Abrea, handle a company’s BIR tax audit and settle them without any unnecessary compromises. In doing so, ACG clients receive strategic tax advice on how to effectively deal with BIR audit.

ACG’s Tax Planning specialty also comes in three flavors – Tax Compliance Review, Annual Tax Review, and the Executive Tax Management Program. The Tax Compliance Review involves a close study of a company’s tax profile and allows companies to adopt a proactive approach on their tax compliance, while the Annual Tax Review involves a comprehensive review of a company’s possible tax exposures and solving these issues before they become a problem. Finally, the Executive Tax Management Program recently launched by ACG allows CEOs and business owners to properly plan and prepare for BIR audit by giving them a series of executive sit-down sessions tailor-fit for each company.

Of course, ACG also specializes in providing Tax Advisory services and can provide strategic guidance on any tax-related issue or concern. ACG has handled cases from various fields from estate tax planning to business registration.

If you wish to learn of the whole range of ACG’s specialty, you can check its recently-published e-magazine. For more questions and inquiry, you can also reach us at

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