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ACG’s Investment and Tax Briefing Goes On To Japan and Washington, D.C.

The Asian Consulting Group conducted the last legs of its International Tax Briefing in Japan last June 21, 2023, and in Washington, D.C. last June 24, 2023. Through the Investment and Tax Briefing, ACG aims to educate overseas Filipinos, and interested foreigners, on how to start a business or invest in the Philippines.

The Investment and Tax Briefing in Japan was conducted in partnership with the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo. The event was attended by Ambassador Mylene J. Garcia Albano, who encouraged OFWs in Japan to start businesses and invest their money back in the Philippines. Together with him is Ms. Bea Binene, a celebrity and woman entrepreneur, who inspired the participants with her story as she shared some insights on how she started and grew her business, Mix & Brew.

Re-watch our live here:

Meanwhile, two Investment and Tax Briefings were held in Washington, D.C. – first, in partnership with the Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce of Metro Washington, D.C. and Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C., and another in partnership with the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) in Washington, D.C.

Re-watch our live here:

As part of the Investment and Tax Briefings, ACG Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor Mon Abrea provided a background on the economic situation in the Philippines and why it is the right time to start their business or invest. He provided discussions on how to start a business, how taxes work in the Philippines, and the different ways that one can invest in the Philippines.

These events mark the last legs of the Asian Consulting Group’s International Roadshow and will continue on to July for the second part of the Europe Roadshow. For more information and details, you may visit or email us at

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