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ACG Holds Its First Ever Executive Tax Management Program!

From time to time, common mistakes in compliance that companies commit have usually put them in problematic situations. Even the slightest degree of erratic action would prompt authorities to go after a particular company or individual. 

As a result, start-up managers, company executives, and business owners are dealing with the hassles when a Revenue Officer presents them with documents that explicitly tell them that their company is in trouble with their tax dues. Initially, it can bring scare; knowing the business is in jeopardy because of one certain- yet-important obligation as contributing citizens of the nation. 

Asian Consulting Group has launched its first-ever Executive Tax Management Program. This comprises an e-learning course that aims to educate and enlighten business executives on what they can do if they face the Bureau of Internal Revenue upon investigating their company due to tax compliance problems.

Executive Tax Management Program Courses

This exclusive online-learning program features no less than the team of ACG’s senior tax advisors, Assistant Tax Manager Romarie Lucero, and Tax Supervisor Lalaine Arroyo, and is led by Chairman and CEO Mon Abrea. They will educate and enlighten executives and managers on what to do before facing the BIR and its auditing team.

Executive Session 1: I am being audited by the BIR!

Batch Dates & Times: Batch 2 – November 8, 2021 2PM ; Batch 3 – November 29, 2021 2PM
The first session of the program discusses the typical struggles of businesses when the Bureau of Internal Revenue implements its auditing process.

Executive Session 2:  “Dealing with the BIR During Audit”

Batch Dates & Times: Batch 2 – November 15, 2021 2PM ; Batch 3 – December 6, 2021 2PM 
The second session aims to share tips on what business owners know what to do when the Bureau of Internal Revenue conducts its auditing and investigation process

Executive Session 3:  “Let’s Settle For Good”

Batch Dates & Times: Batch 2 – November 22, 2021 2PM ; Batch 3 – December 13, 2021 2PM 
The last session deeply analyzes BIR cases and their assessment, as well as discussing different approaches in resolving BIR cases for the taxpayer’s part.

Registration for the second and third batches of ACG’s Executive Tax Management Program is now open! Business managers and executives like you may check out our offerings on what this learning course can do to you along with other perks.

So make sure you reserve your slot! Click this to register

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