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The most important thing that an employee can get from an employer is growth. With better skills come better opportunities, and these skills flourish best in environments that nurture critical minds and creative ideas. It is this precise working environment that the Asian Consulting Group offers to its employees.

At ACG, employees are free to develop innovative solutions on how to provide better services to all of its valued clients. The company veers away from the traditional company culture and, instead, gives employees an opportunity to maximize what ACG has to offer.

Not only does the company offer free healthy meals and drinks, ACG also provides weekly huddles that lets everyone de-stress after long, hectic weeks.

Employees also aren’t bound to their desks all the time and are free to work freely throughout the open space. 

Finally and perhaps most importantly, ACG has adopted a four-day work week! This allows employees to enjoy an additional day of rest and recreation.

As it continues to expand, ACG is open to receive talented and accomplished individuals in the fields of Accounting/Taxation, and Marketing. To see all of its job openings, just visit here.

If you wish to enjoy these same benefits and be part of the ACG team, you can reach us at to kickstart your career!

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