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ACG establishes strong partnerships with consulates throughout Europe

The Asian Consulting Group (ACG) recently completed its successful International Roadshow in Europe, promoting financial literacy in Athens, Greece and Paris, France last July 23 and 30. Despite the conclusion of the International Roadshow, ACG continues its efforts through visiting the Consulates to continue its collaboration by meeting with the Ambassadors. 

Mon Abrea commenced the courtesy visit by meeting with the Philippine Ambassador to Denmark, Leo M. Herrera-Lim. Their insightful discussion centered around Denmark’s remarkable status as the world’s least corrupt country, having ranked first in the 2022 Corruption Perceptions Index. In contrast, the Philippines currently holds the 116th rank in the same index. Moreover, Abrea and Ambassador Herrera-Lim identified untapped opportunities in technology, innovation, agriculture, social enterprises, and the youth sector in the Philippines.

One of the main points of interest during the discussion was Denmark’s unique approach to taxes, wherein citizens willingly pay high tax rates, up to 52%, due to the perceived value they receive in return. The tax revenues in Denmark are utilized to provide free healthcare, subsidized child care, and tuition-free education with grants for university students.

Inspired by Denmark’s success, Abrea expressed his aspiration to see a similar mindset towards taxes in the Philippines, where taxes are embraced as a positive contribution to society, supporting transparent and effective utilization for the public welfare.

With the goal of promoting financial literacy and ethical business practices in the Philippines, Abrea plans to extend the roadshow with in-person visits to Athens, Greece, and Paris, France. Additionally, Abrea looks forward to providing free consultations on wise financial planning to Filipinos overseas, aiming to support their initiatives in starting businesses in the Philippines.

For information about our upcoming roadshows, please get in touch with us at or call +63 917 627 8805.

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