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ACG Discussed Avoiding Audit Harassment Woes in the 2nd Session Last October 20th!

Asian Consulting Group concluded its second learning session under the first batch of Executive Tax Management Program last October 20,2021. 

The Executive Session tackles the dos and don’ts for business owners when it comes to dealing with the Bureau of the Internal Revenue. In this session, business executives were enlightened to the ways on how to avoid being harassed by the BIR, as well as how to avoid paying too much penalties and compromises.

The Assistant Tax Manager of ACG, Romarie Lucero, discussed the taxpayer’s rights should they encounter a Letter of Authority, a Subpoena, and the possible calculations of excessive fines that businesses may have committed following their tax deficiencies, such as surcharges and interest rates. 

Apart from providing deep insights on what to do and what not to do, Chairman and CEO of ACG, Mon Abrea, answered all their questions and worries. Majority of the sharings were focused on their own experiences upon receipt of LOA

The last session for Batch 1 of the Executive Tax Management Program will be on October 25 (Monday) at 2:00 PM, with ACG’s Tax Supervisor Lalaine Arroyo, anchoring the discussion on how to ease BIR cases without compromises.

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