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ACG Celebrates 12 Years with Exclusive Game-Changing Tax Webinars

The Bureau of Internal Revenue has introduced a streamlined VAT refund process in connection with the Ease of Doing Business Law. The effort has reduced the burden for VAT-registered entities in claiming refunds, which particularly benefits businesses engaged in zero-rated transactions.

In relation to this, Asian Consulting Group (ACG) helps businesses navigate their way through these updated VAT refund provisions, ensuring they can access these benefits efficiently. ACG has also unveiled its two-day webinar series, “Game-Changing Strategies to Handle Your Taxes,” to celebrate its 12th anniversary. The first day of the webinar will focus on input VAT refunds and the best practices in relation thereto.

The event is scheduled for September 21 and September 28, 2023, at 10:00 AM. The webinar aims to offer comprehensive insights into crucial tax and legal aspects, and will be led by ACG’s Senior Tax Associate, Luis Zafe, and ACG’s Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor, Mon Abrea. These in-depth topics will equip participants with valuable insights and actionable strategies to enhance their tax management skills and legal knowledge.

To join, please click the button below or scan the QR code.

Join ACG in celebrating its 12th anniversary and gain insights into revolutionary tax strategies. For more information and registration, please contact or call +63 917 627 8805.

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