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ACG celebrates 10 years through Passion Exceeds Ages

Asian Consulting Group celebrates its tenth anniversary this month! 

Established in 2001 first as the Abrea Consulting Group, ACG has grown from a simple tax consultancy group into the premier tax hub for businesses and celebrities across Southeast Asia. 

The company will hold its 10th-anniversary program on September 20, 2021 to relive the life and times of helping corporations, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), and even celebrities. This day also emphasizes the resounding commitment to its advocacy for genuine tax reform. 

The event theme, Passion Exceeds Ages, will also showcase ACG’s relentless drive to deliver service excellence by assisting enterprises to fix their taxes without making any compromises. 

The virtual event will feature several prominent personalities from both the private and public sectors. Aside from that, ACG will honor its game-changers—their partners, and clients—who have been with them for all these years as they commit towards pushing the advocacy for providing a simple, fair, and efficient tax system while helping taxpayers fix their tax issues.

Make Everything Tax-easy! 

Opening our doors to more taxpayers looking for advice, ACG has launched its week-long online consultation service with the theme MET: Make Everything Tax-easy! With the expertise of our lead Tax Advisors Lalaine Arroyo and Romarie Lucero, participants can further navigate into their concerns and discover how ACG could be of great service to them.

Anyone who may be dealing with their tax problems may inquire or consult on ACG’s MET e-consult program via ZOOM from September 13 to 17, 2021.

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