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A program made for the CEOs

Corruption is an ever-present danger when it comes to unscrupulous revenue officers that regularly harass and extort businesses. That’s why the Executive Tax Management Program of the Asian Consulting Group is made to prepare the CEOs, executives, and business owners for what they may face under the new administration.

Learn the best tax strategies when dealing with the BIR!

As our Founding Chairman and Chief Tax Advisor would always say, ”If you are paying the right taxes and settle without compromises, you will not have to deal with the BIR officers who harass your business.”

CEOs and business owners must take full responsibility for making sure that they pay the right taxes and comply with the regulations if they want to avoid unnecessary interests, penalties and compromises.

The recently-started program has helped CEOs and executives handle their tax audits and cases without stress, allowing them to focus more on growing their business.

Interested participants may register, just scan the QR code or through this link and we’ll contact you:

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