Tax Compliance Review

Annual Tax Review

For companies without in-house tax compliance officers, an annual tax review is a must to review and reconcile all information in the filed tax returns and its accompanying schedules before filing annual income tax return (AITR). This is also necessary for companies who wish to prepare before issuance of a Letter of Authority (LOA) or BIR audit, to avoid unnecessary penalties and compromises.

Quarterly Tax Compliance

After an Annual Tax Review, it is highly recommended for companies to have quarterly tax compliance in order to strictly monitor implementation of recommendations based on annual tax review and to apply tax saving measures available to the company.

Tax Return Preparation

For first time tax filers and SMEs, tax return preparation will help you go file tax returns without the unnecessary stress and hassle of having trouble with the BIR for any tax exposure or violation of tax rules and regulations in filing tax returns.

ACG Tax Solutions

Tax Audit and Assessments

For large taxpayers and those frequently audited by the BIR, this expert service will help you get rid of BIR audit without compromises. It provides a preliminary assessment of the taxable year being audited to determine any tax exposure and to prepare a tax budget for immediate settlement of ongoing tax audit and investigation.



Mobile App

The TaxWhizPH Mobile app is an on-the-go platform created for students, employees, and self-employed and professionals (SEPs). Having the app in your smartphones allow you to access tax information, calendar and updates. This empowers all taxpayers to compute the taxes correctly and chat with the Tax Whiz for any tax questions. Further, it will soon allow SEPs to file and pay their taxes using their mobile phones anytime and anywhere.


ACG Tax Solutions

Introducing the TaxWhizPH Mobile App!

The TaxWhizPH Mobile App is an on-the-go platform created by the Asian Consulting Group.
The app can help you make tax compliance easier and simpler.

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